Shut up and Eat

Scrolling through list after list of what other people say are some of the best places to eat breakfast, there was one that stood out the most. Shut up and eat. Maybe it was the sarcastic name or maybe it was the slightly strange yellow sign they have. Regardless we made the 45 minute drive out and it was well worth it.

FIRST OFF you get 13% off if you wear pajamas. I didn’t wear them because I was all weird and didn’t want to be the only one. But all of the waitresses wear pajamas. I kind of want to work there just so I can show off my Batman PJs.

Shut up and eat is nothing but ordinary if you couldn’t already tell by its name.
My rustic country boyfriend loves his french toast. He gets 2 scrambled eggs a side of scrappel and french toast almost everywhere we go. This time we had to do something different! The menu is huge and I suggest taking your time to read it. The menu has sarcastic comments about the items for instance tea is called “boiled leaves” hahaha.

Anyway after searching Dylan looks at me and says “babe I know what I’m getting… peanut butter, banana, and bacon stuffed french toast”  now say that 3 times fast. It was awesome their scrappel was also amazing and if you gonna get what Dylan got you’re going to need a glass of milk. I got what Dylan called the white girl special, Nutella stuffed french toast with strawberry on top. It was awesome!

What I loved most about this place was that it was all mixed matches cups and plates as silverware nothing matched. The inside was filled with old signs and a stuffed goat there was a Christmas tree up and the ordiments were silverware and I just kept looking around and found more and more things that fascinated me! We didn’t notice until we left all of the awards they have one. Best breakfast in ocean county for the past 10 years!

By far my favorite place yet! The people are so nice and funny and you won’t be able to leave without the whole restaurant saying goodbye to you 🙂


804 Main St, Toms River, NJ 08753